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Back in 2003 on a deprived council estate in South East London Jon and Tamsin began welcoming homeless people to stay on the sofa in their one-bedroom flat. When a friend caught wind of this, he offered to rent out his house so the couple could support more people. For the next 7 years the christian couple lived in the home supporting the residents, the majority of whom had just been released from prison.


In 2012, the couple moved to Harlow to focus on their young family and spent the next decade working in various organisations supporting people. They have now returned to their roots, setting up housing and support for people who find themselves homeless.

Henry's Housing - Couch - Picture created by an inmate at HMP SEND.png

"Sometimes we just need someone to give us a break and take the pressure off". 

Picture created by an inmate at HMP SEND

HENRY'S HOUSING is named after the first person to be housed in the project in South East London. Sadly Henry ended his life, but the desire to help the Henrys in every community has always motivated Jon and Tamsin so this project is named in memory of him.


At HENRY'S HOUSING, we are faith based not faith bias; working with anyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe in the value of taking time with people, sticking with folks to the end, seeing individuals for who they truly are, building trust and creating a sense of belonging. These values are embedded in the ethos of everyone involved with HENRY'S HOUSING.

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